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April 22, 2014
Al Zahrawi Medical supplies LLC commemorated 25-years of Excellence in Business

Al Zahrawi Medical is a leading company serving the markets of UAE, Qatar and Bahrain by supplying high quality products and services to hospitals, clinics, laboratories and analytical industries.
Al Zahrawi Medical was established in Dubai in 1989 by Dr. Mehdi Al Hassani and a Group of Investors. The company’s current main shareholders are Al Muhaideb Group (AMG) and ReAyah Holding.

AMG is a leading Saudi-based conglomerate that invests across wide range of sectors. ReAyah Holding is a Jeddah-based investment firm, targeting in particular companies operating in Healthcare and Life science industry in the Mena region. Al Zahrawi Medical represents an extensive profile of renowned Healthcare and Laboratory manufacturers like Covidien, Mallinckrodt, Dako, BD-Surepath, Sysmex, Cepheid, Shimadzu, Hitachi-Aloka, Sebia and others. The company has high skilled staff covering sales, marketing, application and service with focus areas in the fields of Surgical, Medical, Diagnostic Laboratory, Analytical Laboratory, Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy.

The event took place in the LeMeridien Hotel in Dubai and hosted all company staff and included speeches by board members and senior management celebrating the 25th anniversary and the excellent sales results. Mr. Issam Al Muhaideb, the company board chairman, congratulated the company team for the successful growth year on year and assured support onwards. Dr. Ahmed Emara, CEO and Managing Director, announced the company strategic goals including the strong growth initiative: doubling the business in three years. Dr. Mehdi Al Hassani, the company founder, reflected on the challenges at the start with strong determination to overcome them and stressed that the success belongs to every company member.

Awards were distributed to Dr. Foad Al Saleh, board chairman 2004-2013 and Dr. Mehdi Al Hassani, The company founder and board member 2004-2013 for their remarkable efforts in the company’s growth. Also other awards were given to staff having highest sales growth, high volume sales, best business development and longtime service.


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