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Hematology & BioChemistry Unit
Sysmex, (Japan)

Adding Value to health Care  Global Value in the design and development of High Quality and reliable clinical diagnostic Hematology, urinalysis equipment & information management Systems.

Sebia, (France)

SEBIA is the  global leader in automated electrophoresis. The company is the market leader in Europe and now enjoys a solid international reputation. This reputation reflects the satisfaction of the clinical chemists throughout the world that everyday choose to trust in SEBIA.   SEBIA develops electrophoresis systems dedicated to in vitro diagnostics mainly for screening of multiple myeloma and hemoglobin disorders SEBIA’s focus allows access to genuine evolution to any type of labs. 

Ali Fax, (Italy)

Alifax ESR analysers are the only ones capable to provide results in 20 seconds by measuring the kinetic of red blood cells aggregation through a new technology: Capillary Photometry!


Discover RAL Diagnostics in more detail, its history, since its inception with the Pasteur Institute until today, milestones.
Immerse yourself in our field of expertise: the manufacture of organic stainings and instrumentation.

Chrono-Log, (USA)

Chronlog Aggregometers measure platelet function on patient samples using electrical impedance in whole blood or optical density in plasma with simultaneously measuring ATP release by the luminescence method. The Model 700 Aggregometer also has the capability of performing the Ristocetin Cofactor Assay for diagnosing patients with von Willebrands disease. The output can be connected to either a strip chart recorder or to a Computer. AGGRO/LINK(8) and Vw Cofactor Software packages are provided for the computer interface option.


HTL STREFA are the world's leading manufacturer of safety and personal lancets, as well as pen needles. There products are provided with high quality goods and care about the security of medical personnel and patients all over the world.

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