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Medical Equipment Unit

Those who seek to break new ground need to stay open to exceptional ideas, as they have the potential to be exceptionally effective. This guiding principle has accompanied Hocoma since the start in 1996 and is still lived and implemented by all the dedicated employees around the world. The ground Hocoma breaks fundamentally improves rehabilitation therapy. Hocoma develops functional and efficient solutions to increase intensity of therapy, refine quality of movements and upgrade therapists’ means to help its patients. This is how Hocoma is setting a new standard for human movement therapy.

Renuvadisc (USA)

We offer the latest cutting edge technology in the non-surgical treatment of serious lower back pain and sciatica. Our commitment to offering the highest quality of care resulted in the addition of the FDA cleared Spinal Decompression technology.

Johnson & Johnson Vision (USA)

Novel products and services address eye health needs throughout a patient's lifetime.

Optopol (Poland)

Optopol Technology, the manufacturer of the first in the world Spectral Domain OCT, is a Polish company which designs and produces ophthalmology equipment for professionals. They have been on the market for almost 30 years.

CSO (Italy)

CSO is an International leader in diagnostic ophthalmic instruments for more than 40 years. Since when it was born, the company has grown. Today CSO has some very innovative products, such as COBRA, a new fundus camera with amazing specifics and very easy to use; SIRIUS System is a combination of a Scheimpflug camera together with a corneal topographer and it represents the forefront of corneal tomography. All the slit lamps and the endothelium microscope PERSEUS have been completely renewed by using a LED source.

EMS, (Switzerland)

The Swiss DolorClast® Method uses single acoustic pressure waves, called shock waves, to treat musculoskeletal and dermatological pathologies. By delivering mechanical stress to injured tissues, Shock Waves enable:

·         immediate pain relief  

·         a healing reaction of the body

The Swiss DolorClast Method® is the most well-researched shock wave therapy. A combination of unique technologies, clinically proven protocols, and education ensure significant improvement in given musculoskeletal and dermatological indications.

Biodex Medical Systems, (USA)

Biodex Medical Systems, Inc., has been providing customers with innovative products and service excellence for more than 60 years. Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy department includes a range of products such as balance systems, Dynamometers, Ergometers, Treadmills, unweighing systems and more. 

Hur, (Finland)

HUR is the world-leading supplier of exercise solutions to active ageing, rehabilitation and the 40+ wellness markets, the mission of HUR is to provide the best concepts and products for lifelong strength. The HUR air resistance (PNEUMATIC) exercise equipment is manufactured in Finland

HUR aims thereby to contribute to solving the big socio-economic challenges arising from an ageing society, improve quality of life for the user, increase revenues for HUR customers and lower costs for society as a whole.


Gymna (Belgium)

Gymna is one of leading suppliers of a wide range of equipment for physiotherapy and rehabilitation applications, including; Electrical Therapy devices, Treatment Tables, Shockwave Therapy, Diathermy, Active Motion devices, Cryotherapy, physio care products and other consumables and accessories for physio therapy applications.

Lightmed (USA)

Lightmed is a medical device and technology company focused on developing, manufacturing and marketing a full spectrum of innovative laser systems for the ophthalmic market. Their product suite includes advanced solutions for cataract, glaucoma, corneal, and retinal diseases.

TensCare (UK)

TensCare is Europe’s largest provider of TENS machines. With continuous research and development at the heart of TensCare, latest range of TENS machines have been designed with a reliable distinctly modern look and feel that would provide safe and effective solution for relieving pain with the most advanced digital TENS technology available.

WEINMANN (Germany)

Weinmann is a German leading supplier of mobile system solutions for emergency, pre-hospital, transport systems and disaster medicine with more than 100 years of experience in this field, where they set standards for saving human lives by developing innovative medical products for ventilation, defibrillation and portable suction devices. 


ELTECH K-Laser designs, manufactures and markets professional laser devices worldwide for Physical therapy and other applications in medicine and veterinary fields.  ELTECH K-Laser is a leading supplier from Italy with more than 20 years’ experience in this field. Al Zahrawi is the official representative for the CUBE series laser device from ELTECH K-LASER for UAE & Oman, which is a Class IV laser therapy device for physical therapy application.


INDIBA ACTIV is a Spanish manufacturer of innovative technology for the active cell therapy. INDIBA was the inventor of TECAR Technology since 1983 and has become a benchmark within the sector with more than 19,000 devices worldwide. The design of INDIBA Radiofrequency equipment uses harmless, safe, unique and patented technology intended for both acute and chronic stages of treatment for sports medicine and Rehabilitation.

Miele (Germany)

Zahrawi is the official partner of Miele Professional in UAE for all medical products produced in Miele which are the different models of washer disinfectors (for laboratory, CSSD, and clinics), Container & Trolley washer disinfector inside CSSD and the steam sterilizers for CSSD. Zahrawi & Miele are providing a full solution for the CSSD department. 

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