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Medical Imaging Unit
Hitachi (Japan)

For over 50 years Hitachi has been the world's leading pioneer of ultrasound systems for the healthcare industry. We provide obstetrics/gynecology, radiology, surgical, cardiology, urology, vascular, veterinary and other applications with a broad array of innovative ultrasound technologies. Our dedication to service and product excellence has provided Hitachi users with the systems they need to ensure the best diagnostic capabilities and patient care.

Lantheus Medical Imaging, (USA)

Lantheus Medical Imaging, a global leader in developing, manufacturing, selling and distributing innovative diagnostic image agents and products.

They provide DEFINITY® Vial for (Perflutren Lipid Microsphere) Injectable Suspension, the leading ultrasound contrast agent used in ultrasound exams of the heart, also known as echocardiographic exams.

Beekley, (USA)

Save time, improve accuracy, enhance communication and provide a better patient experience with Beekley Medical's simple, innovative medical products. Our product line consists of a broad range of radiologic skin markers, biopsy and patient care devices for Mammography; Breast Biopsy; Radiation Therapy; MRI; CT-Scan and General Radiology.

OR Technology, (Germany)

OR Technology has been operating in the area of digital image processing since 1991, They provide system solutions for conventional and digital X-ray technology in human and veterinary medicine. The systems by OR Technology are also used by the industry for non-destructive testing of materials and construction elements (NDT/ quality testing of natural and cultured pearls). 

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