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Nuclear Medicine and Radiotherapy
Nuclear Medicine Unit
RadioTherapy Unit
RadioTherapy Unit
Viewray (USA)

ViewRay is a publicly held new kind of Medical Technology Company which was founded on the belief that enhanced real-time visualization combined with on-line adapting and accurate dose recording will significantly improve the safety and efficacy of radiation therapy, leading to better outcomes for patients.

Civco Medical Solutions, (USA)
CIVCO Medical Solutions is the clear choice for excellence in motion management, 
patient positioning & immobilization, tumor localization and IGRT delivery. Whether you need to visualize a tumor over multiple modalities, accurately target a tumor for SBRT or deliver therapy through an IGRT optimized couchtop; Civco offers a full line of radiation therapy products from basic immobilization to robotics.
Nucletron an Elekta Company, (Netherland)

Nucletron is a leading manufacturer  in producing high quality and innovative brachytherapy and independent external beam treatment planning.  Serving more than 2,500 institutions worldwide. 

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