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Surgical Equipment Unit
Cardinal Health

WaveMark a Supply Management and Workflow Solutions 

Covidien/Medtronic, (USA)

Covidien Energy Based Devices provide the top of the range for energy equipment and disposables needed in your everyday surgeries

Merivaara, (Finland)

Having created its first operating table in 1910, Merivaara is now able to benefit the vast experience in designing and manufacturing operating theatre furniture to help surgical departments increase efficiency and safety

EMS, (Switzerland)

EMS improves the quality of life of patients by providing high value and innovative solutions with proven treatment outcomes in urology.

The best treatment for each case: (kidney, bladder, and ureteral stones).

A story of trust: More than 10.5 million stone-free patients.

The Swiss Lithoclast® and swiss Laserclast® systems cover the entire spectrum of endoscopic stone management.

BD/Bard, (USA)

Bard Peripheral Vascular, Inc. provides a range of interventional medical devices specifically designed for the treatment of peripheral arterial, hemodialysis access and venous disease

EDAP-TMS (France)

Prostate Cancer is the second most frequently diagnosed cancer. Even if the standard therapies for early-diagnosed prostate cancer (Surgery and Radiotherapy) have shown a high level of oncological efficacy, they are often associated with a high level of morbidity (in particular incontinence and impotence). For more than 2 decades, EDAP TMS has been committed to bringing a non-invasive alternative to prostate cancer patients with optimal efficacy and minimal side effects.

Novamedtek, (Turkey)

NOVAMEDTEK has the distinction of being one of the luminous medical manufacturers in Turkey. The company is one of the market leaders in the conception, manufacturing and distribution of different urology, gynecology systems as well as for radiology products.

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